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By analyzing and optimizing the web interface and the visible part of your website, we can achieve a measurable increase in the conversion rate. In other words, we ensure that more visitors actively understand the content and this way the increase the likelihood of a transaction or interaction from the visitors.

  • Audit to optimize conversion

    We recommend a comprehensive interview or audit before each collaboration to understand the desired improvement in goals and to identify existing vulnerabilities or “loopholes”. In addition, we analyze the websites of your competitors and talk to you about the key areas in which your website should become more successful. Here you can also bring in your ideas, which we gladly accept and integrate.

  • Web Design

    We support you in making your website convincing. The website is tailor-made in order to address and facilitate the target group. Accordingly, we place content which is not paced just only for the purpose of marketing, but also with the aim of information and the generation of added value through consulting. Furthermore, we offer fluently and intuitively controllable user guidance, because of which your website also runs successfully on the smartphone and other mobile devices.

  • Web Analytics

    Often, the actual performance of an existing web solution is unknown to the enterprise, e.g. in terms of Google ranking. Bright Digital uses Google Analytics and other tools to identify relevant areas and “islands” of different business models and approaches in the sea of business market. Your customers are addressed in this way and targeted even more which helps in increasing the traffic significantly.

  • Heatmap and Click Tracking

    Our Heatmap and click tracking are composed of a variety of different tools. The goal is to know where your website is scrolled, which menu item is clicked when and which areas are of particular interest. This also tells us at which points your customers cancel information or purchase processes. The findings from this will be incorporated into the optimization of navigation so that an optimal user guidance is achieved step by step.

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